Consultant resume

With over 2 decades of experience, I’m one of Sweden’s most senior digital designers, with over 100 consultancy projects spanning small companies to public sector organisations and large multinationals.

I’ve been creating, managing and experimenting with digital activities since going online as a teenager in 1986 and professionally since the late 90s. In 2006 I founded my consultancy firm, Beantin.

I also co-host the popular design podcast, UX Podcast, where we share knowledge and build awareness around the complexity and challenges of designing for humanity.

What I do

  • I analyse websites and how they are used.
  • I gather insights and provide actionable advice about what to do.
  • I produce and test designs and concepts following a hypothesis-based design process.
  • I coach and hold seminars about analytics and hypothesis driven design.
  • I bridge between digital roles. Between management, research, design and engineering.
  • I work holistically, pragmatically and human-centered.
  • I also bake. Hire me and get cake.

Competence areas:

  • Usability & user experience – Strategy. Researching , analysing and designing. UX support. Expert reviews. Usability testing,
  • AnalyticsUX analytics, Analysis, training and configuration (Products such as: Google Analytics 4, Search console, Tag Manager and Looker Studio, Matomo, PiwikPro, Plausible, SiteImprove Analytics, Hotjar),
  • Optimisation – SEO, conversion, usability, accessibility, page speed, core web vitals, carbon footprint
  • Podcasting – Interviewing, hosting, strategy.

Personal attributes:

I’m an unflappable and experienced consultant who is practical and down-to-earth. I’m also curious and enthusiastic – especially within digital media. I can be pretty technical, but others say I’m a digital geek. If we work together, there’s a good chance that I’ll turn up to a meeting with home baked fika. On top of my native English, I’m also fluent in Swedish.

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Contact details:
Mobile: +46 73 593 16 54

Assignments & projects

(directly and indirectly through partners)

London Mosaic (2021-present)

– UX design, research and analysis

KnowIT (2020-present)

– Web strategy and analytics support for Vetenskapsrådet

A4 (2022-present)

– Supporting A4s work with digital analysis and analytics for clients such as Chefstidningen and Socionomen.

TwoDay (2022-present)

– Analytics support for Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) including an evaluation of analytics tools

STI (2021-present)

– Part of the steering group for the UX Design course

UXPodcast (2011-present)

– Hosting, curating and managing regular podcast episodes together with Per Axbom

TwoDay (2021-present)

– Analytics support for Folktandvården Stockholm

Burgerdudes (2023)

– Configuration of GA4 and creation of Looker Studio report

TwoDay (2023)

– GA4 and Looker studio training for Silf

TwoDay (2023)

– Discovery project for Upplands Museet and analytics support

TwoDay (2022)

– Research and UX design for Kulturkatlogen Region Stockholm

Ambition (2022)

– Hosting live UX Podcast interviews as part of content available to Ambition Empower members

Jonas Söderström Form och Innehåll (2022)

– UX Analytics lecture as part of a Changemaker UX course.

Riksfärdtjänsten (2022)

– WCAG2.1 evaluation of

M Sverige (2022)

– Evaluation of analytics tools and recommendation

A4 (2021-2022)

– Series of workshops around digital analysis, measurement, and analytics.

Telia Company (2013-2021)

– UX Lead for Telia Company’s web-based contact centre product. Research, concept, design, accessibility. Responsible for the ACE design system. Through Valtech from 2013-2020.

Berghs School of Communication (2016-present)

– Lecturer for Quantitative validation, UX Product Development

STIM (2021)

– Talk and workshop about measuring the right things

Visma (2018-2020)

– Analytics support for Vetenskapsrådet

Valtech (2015-2020)

– UX Research, Concept and interaction design for Telia Company’s web-based contact centre product, ACE Interact

Skanska (2016-2018)

– Redirects, SEO and analytics support

Riksfärdtjänsten (2017)

– WCAG2.0 evaluation of

Upplands Väsby kommun (2015-2017)

– Assistance & advice with initial stages of website redesign and procurement of web partner

Vinge (2016)

– Google Analytics

Psykologpartners (2016)

– Analytics, SEO and UX

RuterRetur (2016)

– Analytics and optimisation of digital marketing

Silf (2016)

– Analytics and Hotjar training


– SEO webinars via Cybercom


– Intranet Analytics via Cybercom

Nansen (2015)

– Google Analytics coaching

DUMA Nya Media (2015)

– Web project manager at Vårdförbundet

Silf (2015)

– Analytics coaching

Skanska (2015)

– Redirects and SEO during Corporate website redesign

Folke Bernadotte Akademin (2014)

– Advice during production of website

Bonnier Tidskrifter (2015)

– Web analysis of customer service site

IntraTeam (2015)

– Configuration of Google Analytics reports

Svenska Bostäder (2014)

– UX design and concept for Järvadialogen via Citat

Engwall o. Claesson (2014)

– UX and SEO advice via Trevlig webbpublicering

Folke Bernadotte Akademin (2014)

– Advice during procurement of web agency

Vattenfall (2014)

– Usability testing of SAP prototype

Amfa bank (2014)

– Optimisation analysis (SEO, usability, conversion)

Skanska (2014)

– Expert review via User Intelligence

Firefly (2014)

– SEO and analytics coaching

SEB (2014)

– Web producer during production of new website

Vattenfall (2014)

– Usability guidelines for SAP prototype

Mindfacts (2014)

– Expert review of websites in the automotive industry

Randstad (2014)

– Google Analytics configuration

Språkkonsulterna (2014)

– Evaluating websites seminar

Valtech (2013-2014)

– UX, Concept and interaction design for TeliaSonera

Stockholms Läns Landsting (2013)

– What, how and why to measure Workshops

nearU (2013)

– Optimisation breakfast seminar

DeLaval (2013)

– Visitor behaviour audit

nearU (2013)

– SEO seminar

Grontmij (2013)

– SEO Analysis

IntraTeam (2013)

– Web management and intranets seminar

Vattenfall (2013)

– Usability measurement of SAP prototype

DeLaval (2013-2015)

– Web management, analytics and SEO

Randstad (2013)

– SEO coaching

DeLaval (2013)

– Usability analysis and optimisation

Vattenfall (2013)

– Usability measurement model for SAP prototype

Mäklarringen (2013)

– Advice and support when purchasing digital services

KTH (2013)

– Web analysis via JG Communication

Delaval (2013)

– Web optimisation training (search, performance, usability)

Skanska (2013)

– Eye tracking usability testing via User Intelligence

DeLaval (2013)

– Web performance analysis

Valtech (2013)

– Analysis/expert reviews of websites

Ericsson (2012)

– Creation of offline archive of content

Stockholm Business Region (2012)

– Webmaster/web manager for multiple websites

Findwise (2012)

– Google Analytics

Findwise (2012)

– SEO Analysis and advice

Brandskyddteamet (2012)

– Analysis, coaching and configuration

Polisen (2012)

– Analysis/expert review of website

Caravania (2012)

– Interaction design

IntraTeam Cophenhagen (2012)

– Conference speaker

JG Communication (2012)

– Breakfast seminar

Södertälje kommun (2011)

– Social media training

Ericsson (2011)

– SEO analysis and reporting

Weekend (2011)

– Individual coaching

IDXray (2011)

– Analysis/expert reviews of website

DeLaval (2011)

– Web analysis and web analytics training

Boliden (2011)

– SEO Analysis

Sobi (2011)

– Google Analytics training

JG Communication (2011)

– Google Analytics training

Telenor (2011)

– Eye tracking usability testing

DeLaval (2010-2011)

– SEO During production of new websites

SEB (2010-2012)

– Web manager, and internal community manager

Södertälje kommun (2010)

– Web management advice and analysis

Axbom Innovation (2010)

– Eye tracking seminar at Jönköping University

Tele2 (2010)

– Speaker at internal event

ProMa Gym och Friskvård (2010)

– Production of new website

Trafikverket (2010)

– Eye tracking usability testing

Weekend (2010)

– Eye tracking workshops

ConcreteIT (2010)

– Eye tracking workshops

SEB (2010)

– Web manager

Proma Care (2009)

– Web strategy and production of website

ProMa Gym och Friskvård (2009)

– Analysis, webstrategy

Caravania (2009-2010)

– Web strategy, workshops, analysis

Energy Mover (2009)

– Web strategy and production of website

SEB (2007-2008)

– Web manager

SKB (2008)

– Assessment of web strategy

Scania (2008-2009)

– Advice and concept in relation to extranet portal

Wedins (2008)

– Choice of CMS, intranet concept

Weekend (2007-2010)

– Member of management group

Weekend (2006)

– Production of new website and visual identity

Veteranen (2009-2012)

– Web management and support

SPF Pension (2008-2010)

– Support of website, intranet and web management consulting

Citat JG (2008)

– Migration of wordpress blog, Webbpennan

Webcreator (2008-2010)

– Specialist advice during development of CMS product

Carl Lamm Consulting (2008)

– Intranet advice

SPF Pension (2008)

– Production of new Joomla intranet

SPF Pension (2008)

– Production of new Joomla website

Ericsson (2004-2007)

– Web editor/web consultant

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (2005-2007)

– Project leader, launch of global newsletter, SEO, web strategy, optimisation of website.

Kostcoachen (2007)

– Pre-study into upgrade of website

G16 (2006)

– Production of Joomla website

Citat JG (2006)

– Upgrade of wordpress blog, Webbpennan

Farsta Gymnasium (2005)

– Production of Joomla website

IKEA (2005)

– Intranet information architecture

IKEA (2005)

– Intranet portal for store managers

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (2004)

– Intranet redesign. Intranet information architecture, introduction of governence model

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (2003-2004)

– Web responsible. Created web strategy, introduced governence model, project leader.

Ericsson (2002-2003)

– System manager

Ericsson (2002)

– Corporate intranet strategy group

Ericsson (2001-2002)

– Chairman of Strategic web group for business divsion

Ericsson (2000-2002)

– Project management of intranet CMS implementation

Select Legal Systems (1998-2000)

– Visual basic programmer and analyst

Zetnet Internet Services (1996-1998)

– Writing of reference material, community management, web development

British Gas (1995)

– Computer and telephone operator

Prosect Training Services (1988-1992)

– Design and programming of educational software


Beantin AB, consultant and founder (2016-present)

Beantin webbkommunikation, consultant and owner (2006-2016)

Weekend Webbutveckling, senior web communications consultant (2004-2006)

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines, web responsible (2003-2004)

Weekend Webbutveckling, web communications consultant (2002-2003)

Ericsson, digital media manager (2000-2002)

Select Legal Systems, programmer/analyst (1998-2000)


BSc Economics, University of York

GSCEs & A-Levels, Wolfreton School and Sixth Form College

Svenska som andraspråk, Veta/Nationellt centrum för flexibelt lärande

LinkedIn profile:

Contact details:

Email: Mobile: +46 73 593 16 54