About James Royal-Lawson

I’m James Royal-Lawson, Stockholm-based Swedish and English speaking Senior digital advisor, designer, digital analyst, economist & podcaster.

With over 2 decades of experience, I’m one of Sweden’s most senior digital designers and advisors, with over 100 consultancy projects and clients spanning small companies to public sector organisations and large multinationals.

I’ve been creating, managing, measuring and experimenting with digital activities since going online as a teenager in 1986 and professionally since the late 90s. In 2006 I founded my consultancy firm, Beantin.

I combine creativity with broad technical expertise and a university education in Economics. This allows me to collaborate effectively with management, designers and engineers, understanding their respective points of view.

Shifting perspectives comes easy to me. Switching from individuals and details to organisations and the big picture. From design doing to systems thinking.

"I am impressed by James's broad expertise within the digital field. As well as digital know-how, James also analyzes and questions the way of working and always brings new ideas for how to improve"

Client feedback

My work follows a hypothesis-based design process. I use my skills as a digital analyst and researcher to gather evidence. I then use my skills as a designer to create viable and ethical suggestions which can be implemented,tested and measured - leading to new hypotheses and improvements.

"It is a real treat to be working with James. He has a genuine passion and a comprehensive knowledge of the web and user experience."

Co-worker feedback

I guide and mentor people in the organisations I work with, and help educate thousands of individuals across the world through my podcasting with UX Podcast.

"It’s very inspiring to see someone’s dedication to helping new designers and being critical for positive change for the industry!"

On design community engagement

As a senior digital advisor, I help design leaders and managers who are engaged in upward facing meetings and managing individuals. I do this by being a senior contributor and extending their skillset on an operational level, as a trusted advisor or team member.

I also bake. Hire me and get cake. 🍰

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Scan this QR code to reach https://beantin.net/james which is a page with James's contact details