Project-based user experience support

Project-based user experience support

So you’ve decided to embark on a website redesign. That’s a big decision.

You’ve reached a point where minor adjustments to your website are no longer enough. Perhaps circumstances in your organisation have influenced the timing of a major redesign – such as a reorganisation or a platform change.

You have a skilled team running your website and digital activities, but they perhaps lack confidence and experience in total redesigns and the many aspects involved.

It’s common to have skilled editors, writers, marketeers and communicators working with digital content.  Websites often have a life-span of 3-5 years. Your team’s experience of this process is likely to be limited.

Outside agencies are likely to provide the services needed to design and build your new website. Perhaps in your organisation the production is in-house with design and research provided by a supplier.

“We have appreciated James’s help during our redesign and his advice has been valuable to us”

“James also analyzes and questions the way of working and always brings new ideas for how to improve.”

“James quickly delivered prioritized hands-on advice”

Independent UX consultant

Your suppliers are certain to be skilled and competent, but you will be  dependent on their guidance and recommendations during the process.

Without recent and regular experience, how do you ensure checks and balances are in place to reassure you and your organisation that the investment in a total website redesign is on track?

The solution is to bring in an experienced and independent partner. Free from internal politics and not influenced by the need for add-on sales. An independent consultant can coach you during this complex process. A fresh pair of eyes to apply quality control to deliverables and suggestions from your agency.

I have been hired as an independent consultant on many occasions to help organisations in this way.

Some organisations hire me for a small number of hours to support them during the redesign at critical points.

Other organisations take the forward-thinking move of hiring me as an in-house team member – Expanding and complementing their existing team temporarily during the duration of the project.

If you appreciate how independent and senior user experience skills can benefit your organisation during key projects then get in touch.


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