5 Articles worth reading… (Spotted: Week 18, 2010)

How do you write good copy for your website?

By an interesting co-incidence Econsultancy publish this article the same week as I publish my SEO Checklist for content writers. It’s got some points, but to be honest I think it’s way too technical to be really useful for content writers.

The Role of Culture in Corporate Social Business Strategy

Good tip: Perform a simple, bulleted-list one-page cultural audit as part of your analysis before taking on a social business strategy – applies also to enterprise collaboration initiatives.

Why Social Software Pilot Projects Fail

Some good points – including skipping pilots and jumping straight to full implementation, and – yet again – keep barriers to use to a minimum.

Why Twitter Is the Future of News

Some interesting analysis of Twitter and it’s behaviour as a information distribution medium. Apparently Twitter betters the well-known 6 degrees of separation by 2 hops. Most people on Twtter are only separated by 4 degrees.

Internet Explorer 9: Testing Center

We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. OK, it’s the IE gang’s own selection of tests, but still – that’s a lot of 100% scores. Is Internet Explorer 9 to be the most standards-compliant of all browsers?