For your reading pleasure... (week 12, 2010)

Scrolling and Attention

Although many have said that Nielsen’s conclusion is obvious – “what’s most important for the users’ goals or your business goals should be above the fold” – there are also many who still claim that the fold doesn’t exist. It’s does, it’s just much more complicated than it used to be.

Eye Tracking: Best Way to Test Rich App Usability

A great overview of eye tracking and it’s benefits by three eye tracking and usability experts. It has a part to play in many different types of usability (and design) testing.

Conversation Manager vs. Community Manager

John discusses two different roles – that of a conversation manager and that of a community manager. It’s both interesting and useful to see these roles as separate. Arguably all companies need a conversation manager, but not all need a community one.

Why I don’t get SEO and A Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Two posts under the same heading. Great fun to contrast the two posts. One is the view of an owner of a web design agency, the other a guide by someone with specific and in-depth experience of helping companies improve their bottom line by SEO. Paul is not wrong in all his post – I too believe in web standards and user experience – but, we live in a world full of humans and machines. The machines are also one of your target audiences. It’s not all about good content and making your site “accessible to search engines”. There’s a balance to be found.