Free Eye tracking workshops in Stockholm

Together with Weekend i’ll be holding a number of eye tracking workshops in Stockholm, Sweden (both in Kista and on Södermalm) between the 13th of April and the 7th of May 2010.

The half-day workshops are aimed at web/intranet managers and will be held in Swedish (or English if requested). You will, along with a few other companies or organisations, get to experience how eye tracking analysis works in practice, including testing your own site. As a spring-gift to everyone, the workshops are being held without charge.

Book your place!

Book your place now via Weekend’s booking form.

More specific details about the workshops, including exact times and dates, as well as an overview of Weekend’s Eye tracking services can also be found on the booking page.

Update 2011-03-18

It’s almost a year since we ran this well-received series of eye tracking workshops. Although there aren’t any specific workshops planned for time being, it’s always possible to arrange one. Just fill in the form on our Eye tracking usability testing page.