Template: Go/No-go decision for website content

When managing a website for a company or organisation one of the many discussion points between you and content owners is whether their content should be published or not. I’ve produced a Go/No-go website content template to help guide you in that decision making process.

Publishing new content

You’ve done the ground-work. You know your digital strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy. You’ve pinned down your business goals and worked out the ways in which your visitors are going to convert.

After all that time, effort and investment, the last thing you need is a piece of content hitting you broadside from a content or product owner that lacks the thought and consideration as to how publishing it will positively add to your website and help it meet its goals.

The Idea Stage

This template is designed to be used at the idea stage. The actual content, and where it fits into the website, is irrelevant at this point (and deserves a go/no-go template of its own!).

By getting the content owner to consider each point on the template and provide details, you help them meet a standard set of requirements. It puts in place an open and clear way of showing your organisation what you, the manager of the website, requires of each (new) page.

template for helping with content publishing decisions

Available as SVG and as PDF

The template poses the following questions for you and the content owner to consider:

  • What is the page about?
  • Keyword phrases
  • Goal of the page
  • How is the goal to be measured?
  • Who will visit?
  • Why will they visit?
  • Content responsible


Download the free template via these links as a scalable vector graphic or as PDF

Good luck, and make sure you let me know if (and how) this template helps you. More templates will be published during the year – keep an eye out for them!

James Royal-Lawson is a digital strategist and web manager based in Stockholm Sweden.