Sweden Social Web Camp ticket giveaway

When it became clear that I wouldn’t after all be able to make it to SSWC, I had to decide what to do with my ticket. What easier way to deal with it then to give it away?

No easy decision!

It wasn’t so easy at all. Not because nobody wanted it, quite the opposite – there were a whole load of people to choose from – but because choosing which one individual would get the ticket was a much tougher thing than i’d ever considered.

I’d set out my terms and conditions for the giveaway on Google+. In short I wanted to give the ticket to someone who hadn’t been in the “web” industry for years and would learn from the experience – to give someone a little lift and perhaps help them over the garden wall.


After quite a bit of thought – and a number of changes of mind – I decided the ticket should go to Jessica Muschött, @Karmapriya. Jessica has been involved in the branch previously, but has spent recent years doing voluntary work in India. She’s looking at making a comeback in this exciting world of digital communiction. So, She’s going to be off to Sweden Social Web Camp 2011 as part of that climb back over the garden wall.

Thanks to everyone who nominated someone, or nominated themselves. Everyone had a good case, and I wish I could send you all. Maybe next year!