For your reading pleasure... (week 7, 2010)

Study: Ages of social network users

Compiled using estimated data dragged out of Google Ad Planner rather than a survey of actual users. Nevertheless it’s an interesting post and although the specific figures should be used with care, general comparisons and trends can be noted.

3 Models That Will Guide Your Brand Into The Social Media Landscape

Another article to file in your collection of resources. Johan has produced a thoughtful guide which is seriously useful for any organisation thinking of diving in to social media.

Social Media Optimization: SMO is the New SEO – Part 1

The term SMO is popping up increasingly often as thought-leaders and search-gurus start to learn, realise, and understand how to tweak your social media efforts.

Using a Pre-Launch Checklist for your Website

Our web-world would be a better place if more web project managers made better use of check-lists. This checklist by Smashing Magazine is a resource to bookmark and build upon.

Google’s Enterprise and Mobile Plans: Killer Buzz or Buzzkill?

A look into Google Buzz and it’s possible uses within businesses. Google needs to get Buzz launched for Google Apps before anything serious can happen though.

Custom variables are frosting on your web analytics cake

Some good ideas and recommendations as to what you could measure using custom variables within Google Analytics.