For your reading pleasure... (week 6, 2010)

2010 Web Strategy Report

268 companies surveyed about their web strategy. Interesting 17 page report. Majority of organisations have a web strategy that covers the coming 12 months, which seems worryingly short-term. I suspect it’s the usual muddling of strategy with tactics.

GSMA and comScore Announce UK Launch of Mobile Media Metrics

Some metrics are revealed in the press release, including the top 10 UK mobile web destinations. Facebook, Google and mobile operator portals dominate.

The iPhone obsession

Bit of a rant, but a good one. As I pointed out in 2010: mobile web tipping point, the mobile web is more than just the iPhone. By developing iPhone specific sites and applications we are creating a walled garden that ignoring web standards and potentially creating extra costs and lost business in the future.

5 Reasons Why Google Buzz Will Fail

An amusing assessment of Google’s latest offering. How much is humour, how much is truth…

8 Ways Of Using Google Analytics Annotations In Your SEO Projects

Annotations were recently made available for everyone in GA. This post by Hessam gives a useful list of things to consider annotating.