Scribe SEO gives guidelines 100%

Scribe versus SEO Guidelines

As an experiment, Jon Buscall wrote a blog post following my SEO guidelines for copywriters. He then tested it with Scribe.

Scribe is a software service that analyzes the content and tells you how to tweak your content to get better search engine rankings. As a pleasant surprise, Jon’s article didn’t just get a high rating – Scribe gave it a top score of 100%. It was as good as it could get, according to Scribe. No tweaks needed.

OK, Guidelines are only as good as the person following them. Jon (amongst other things) is a professional copywriter and has clearly taken the time to put into practice what I recommended in my guidelines for writers.

It has never the less shown that you don’t need magic tricks or software to produce search engine friendly content – you just need to focus on writing good content and following a few simple rules.