It's about web presence not web sites

Once upon a time, your company’s website was the central point of all it’s online activities. The point was to get your target audiences to visit… No wait. back in the day, no-one thought about target audiences. The web was a niche thing and it was all about hits and grabbing as many visitors as you can.

Today your corporate website is irrelevant. It’s not the focal point of any one’s valuable surf-time; apart from, perhaps, you and your employees. Your web strategy is not about a web site. What matters today is your web presence; your distributed web site.

You will presume, at first thought, that I am talking about brand management and marketing plans. Yes, I am to an extent – those functional areas are part of the mix – but your web presence needs evolve to entwine itself in the way that every part of your company goes about it’s business.

For many departments this will translate to social media, for others it will necessitate a need to co-ordinate and co-operate across internal divides like they’ve never done before. The Internet has opened up an opportunity for convergence through distribution. Enlighten and Educate your organisation now.