Introduction to intranets

Earlier this week a project to write a book called an Introduction to intranets was launched. I’m pleased and excited to be part of the project.

Despite lots of blogs and literature being available about intranets, a number of the printed books are a quite old or aimed at intranet specialists. What about those people wanting to know what an intranet is? what it can do for an organisation? what it entails?

Kristian Norling voiced the idea a few weeks ago in a post on his blog, and within a few days a number of internationally known intranet experts and authors had commented on the post. A number of them even indicated their willingness to help create the book.

It’s not all about “intranet experts” though. As the book is an introduction to intranets, it would be great if this collaborative project could include contributions from intranet responsibles, editors and business managers – anyone who has an experience to share to the intranet community.

The aim is to create a book of around 200 pages and publish it in multiple languages. At the moment we’re planning editions in English and Swedish. It’s also the aim to include as many real-life examples as possible, including screenshots.

Interested in joining in? Head over to the wiki and get started!