All set for UXLx 2013

Between May 15th and 17th, UXLx 2013 takes center stage for me. This will be the third consecutive User Experience Lisbon conference that I’ve attended. The first 2 were increadibly inspiring, tiring, and great fun. I’ve obviously got similar expectations for this year too.


UXLx 2011 inspired Per Axbom and I to launch UX Podcast. Whilst on the ‘plane back to Stockholm, Sweden, mindmaps were produced, ideas were sketched, a domain name pulled out of Per’s substantial collection and within a few days of arriving home the first show was published.


2012 saw us record and publish 6 episodes of UX Podcast directly from UXLx. It was great fun, and gave us the chance to quickly reflect on the conference as well as interview Gamestorming author Dave Gray, one of the speakers.

As well as the podcast, I usually take notes and publish them immediately after the end of the workshop or presentation. Unfortunately, the site we used for that was hosted on Posterous which was bought by Twitter and closed down recently.

Coverage of UXLx 2013

This year, we’re planning to repeat our podcasting efforts from last year and record another 5 or 6 episodes of UX Podcast from the event – hopefully with even more interviews!

I’ll also be publishing my notes as usual. I’ve managed to set up a replacement UXLx conference notes blog for delgates to share their notes, sketches and experiences. Follow that blog for the latest happenings from the event.

The best place to follow the happenings at the conference (apart from being there in person of course!) is to keep your eye on the Twitter hashtag #uxlx – this will be a great source of interesting chat, quotes and links.

I’d also recommend adding the #uxlx hashtag to Flipboard if you use that app your phone or tablet.

Keep track of me!

Whilst we’re talking Twitter, it’s probably a good idea for follow me there, as well as UX Podcast. Make sure you add UX Podcast to your podcatcher of choice. Last but not least, you can also sign up to receive these blog posts via email when they are published.

Next stop Portugal!