UX Podcast at Conversion Jam 2

On October 22nd 2012 Conversion Jam 2 took place here in Stockholm Sweden. UX Podcast was there to capture a taste of the conference for those of you who were elsewhere.

A table filled with cupcakes. red cupcakes are arrange in the shape of the letter A, green cupcakes are arranged as a letter B. A real-life A/B test.

“cjam2” was billed as Sweden’s only conference about conversion optimisation. It was a great value day with a whole load of interesting quality presentations from both international speakers and local Swedish speakers.

Per Axbom and I set up shop with UX Podcast in a corner and recorded 4 “almost live” podcasts from the Venue. We managed to interview 4 of the speakers, including two keynote speakers from the morning session.

Episode 26: James and Per make jam

Download episode 26

In the first episode of the day we share our expectations for the day and have a chat with the first keynote speaker of the day, Craig Sullivan an optimisation rock-star (and DJ). We previously chatted with Craig in Episode 11 of UX Podcast about mobile optmisation. Full show notes.

Episode 27: James and Per measure their jam

Download episode 27

In the second episode from the conference we chat with Brian Clifton, author of Avanced Web Metrics one of the presenters this morning with a talked called “What the hell should we use all this web data for?”. Full show notes.

Episode 28: James and Per make responsive jam

Download episode 28

In show three we grabbed a few minutes with birthday-girl and presenter Annelie Näs who worked with Swedish mobile operator Halebop to create their responsive e-commerce site.
Full show notes

Episode 29: James and Per ride the jam carousel

Download episode 29

In the final show from “cjam2” we have a chat with Mårten Angner who held a presentation about the (lack of) effectiveness of top carousels (or “sliding banners”). A subject close to my heart.
Full show notes

Four interviews

It was excellent fun producing podcasts on the spot and publishing them within minutes of recording. Getting the chance to interview four speakers from the conference was also thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks go to Craig Sullivan, Brian Clifton, Annelie Näs and Mårten Angner for letting Per and I corner them and record them with almost no-notice whatsoever!


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